INFO 22158 Fall 2020 – Leadership in a Technological World

Portfolio Entry 1: R.S.S. and Blog Feeds


  1. What was the article about?

This article is about how educators can use different but effective strategies to calm children down when they are having an energy ball. It is about behaviour management. It is a good tool for teachers and educators to manage and run their classroom smoothly, encourage educator-children engagement in order for children to better self-regulate their emotions.

  • How does the article connect to scholarship on technology and learning?

This article provides various alternative methods and techniques that educators could use in their classroom to teach children how to self-regulate. It provided some activities that would require the use of materials which are technology based. Example: using Voss water bottle “to create sensory bottles for science, literacy, music, etc., but for this particular activity, you’ll be creating a calming bottle for your “calm down corner” where children can go if they need a break” (Borile, 2020). It further discusses activities such as dinosaur yoga where children and educators could have access to e-books for more ideas on how to further expand the yoga exercise.

  • In what way is the article valuable to you as an ECE professional?

As an ECE professional, this article is very useful and valuable to me such that it provides me with ideas, strategies, and ways to deal with my children in the classroom. It is a good tool to help me manage behavioural issues. Reading this article gives me a detailed insight of some activities I can do with the children in my program to maintain a calm and safe learning environment. It is to assist me better support children in my care. For example: As a program supervisor, if a child is having a hard time in the classroom and exhibiting tantrums, I could engage the group with interesting activities like shrinking your ball, where the ball is the behaviour of the child. So, they will be thought to take deep breaths and calm down to shrink their ball thus, encouraging the child to control their emotions to feel better.

  • In what way does it connect to your pedagogy and philosophy of ECE?

The ECE’s philosophy believes that all early childhood educators are to observe, plan, implement and evaluate activities and learning opportunities for children in their care. These activities encourage children to learn. Thus, this article is about how educators can come up with learning ideas for children while they problem solve their behavioral issues. So, educators observe, identify emotional challenges, support children to calm down and then further plan and implement activities. Children learn through play.

Additionally, pedagogy in ECE is when educators influence learning for the children in their care. This article explains an activity called “Have a Teacher Lead the Activity” where children engage and follow the roles of their educators to achieve a specific goal.

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Children learning from e-book.


Borile, T. J., . Early Childhood Education Blog.  (2020). Calming Energy Ball Early Childhood Mindfulness Activity. Retrieved from